How to renew my AASM membership

Learn how to renew the AASM membership

There are three ways to renew your AASM membership 

1.) Online

To renew your AASM membership, log into your AASM account by going to

Once logged into the AASM portal, select my account (located at the top right of the website)

Next look for your name at the top of the my benefits page (located between the shopping cart icon and your profile picture box), click your name until the drop down box appears, select my account. 

You are now on your AASM my account page, select the Renew Now button located on the right side of the my account page. 


2.) Invoice

With an invoice you can pay for your membership via a check or credit card. You can fax, email, or mail the form. 

 fax: 630-737-9790 

mail: PO Box 7200, Carol Stream, IL 60197



3.) Calling

Call the AASM number 630-737-9700, select the membership department option, to speak with someone in the membership department regarding renewing your AASM membership.